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1. Why did my assessment change?
2. What exemptions am I eligible for?
3. If I file a grievance, when will I know whether it has been successful in lowering my assessment?
4. My property is overvalued and my taxes are too high. How do I grieve my assessment / lower my taxes?
5. Do I have to stand in that long line on Grievance Day? Can I submit my grievance by mail or online?
6. What tax exemptions am I eligible for? (Veterans, Seniors, Volunteer First Responders, etc.)
7. What information should I include with my grievance application?
8. How can I find information about a property (owners, taxes, zoning, etc.)?
9. What will be the assessed value of my home for the tax bill coming in December?
10. What is my assessment based on?
11. What are some of the most common assessment changes in Southampton Town?
12. What can I do if I want more information about the assessment process in Southampton and in New York State?