Pump Out Boat Program

Due to the implementation of the Pump Out Boat Program by the Southampton Town Board of Trustees, Peconic and South Shore Estuaries were designated as Vessel Waste No Discharge Zones (NDZ). This program was put into place in order to help protect our shellfish beds and keep our waters safe and clean for swimming and recreation. During the 2009 season, the boats pumped 105,079 gallons of waste that potentially could have been discharged into our local waterways.


There are currently six boats that work out of Mill Creek, Cold Spring, Westhampton, North Sea, Hampton Bays, and Sag Harbor and are available from Memorial Day until October 31. Recreational boaters in need of waste disposal need only to contact them on marine radio CH 73 and arrange a meeting place.

Public Pump out Boat Schedule 2018

  • VHF Channel: 73
  • Marine Maintenance: 631-728-1612
  • Bay Constables Office: 631-702-2268
  • Sag Harbor Harbormaster: 631-725-2368
  • Town Trustees Office: 631-287-5717
  • Coast Guard: 631-728-0078