Audit Advisory Committee

One of government’s highest priorities should be the protection of the hard-earned tax dollars that are entrusted to government for the provision of services for society’s collective benefit.  For the protection of these funds, as well as other monies that are received and spent by the Town from Federal, State, Local, Community Preservation Fund and private sources, periodic audits are necessary to illuminate government financial practices, ensure their compliance with applicable law and to prevent waste and inefficiency.   

Resolution 2009-1064, adopted on October 13, 2009, codified the establishment of a standing Audit Advisory Committee that will assist the Town Board and the Town Comptroller by making recommendations as to the coordinating, scheduling, scope, conduction, staffing, hiring, reporting and implementation of financial audits in the Town of Southampton.


  • Edward Moneypenny, Chairman - 2022
    Term expires December 2024
  • Lynn Arthur
  • Term expires December 2023
  • Glorian Berk
    Term expires December 2019
  • Glenn R. Halsey Jr.
    Term expires December 2024
  • Gregory Herschell
    Term expires December 2023
  • Cynthia Neely
    Term expires December 2022
  • Richard J. Sheehan
    Term expires December 2022
Tommy John Schiavoni, Councilperson, Ex-Officio

Audit Advisory Committee Reports