Municipal Work's - Transportation & Traffic Safety

The Transportation and Traffic Safety Office currently has four primary areas of focus.

Traffic Safety

A primary area of responsibility for this division is Traffic Safety. This involves non-emergency functions such as the

  • Review of roadway conditions such as speed limits, traffic volume and accident data on select roads for use in evaluating the need for further engineering study; or consideration of possible traffic control/traffic calming measures.
  • Review of parking issues as they relate to safety and transportation matters.
  • Preparation of Town Board resolutions required to modify Town Code Vehicle and Traffic regulations.

Transportation Commission

The Intermodal Transportation Division coordinates the activities of the Southampton Town Transportation Commission. whose members are volunteers from the community appointed by the Town Board. 

Public Transportation

The Intermodal Transportation Division also handles Town matters relating to public transportation. 

  • Managing the South Fork Commuter Connection coordinated train and bus service
  • Working within the Town, as well as with County and State officials, to improve biking and pedestrian infrastructure to support alternative transportation choices
  • Working with the Long Island Rail Road and Suffolk County Transit to advocate for improved public transportation programs that are beyond the direct control of the town.

This advocacy effort occurs on both a town and regional basis and involves working with both the private sector as well as elected officials and agencies at the county, state, and federal level that are involved in providing or funding transportation services.