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Mission Statement

The Town of Southampton Department of Public Safety and Emergency Management is committed to excellence in providing the highest level of service to our community in the areas of Fire Prevention, Code Enforcement, Animal Control, Hazardous Materials Incident Response and All-Hazards Emergency Preparedness.  We are committed to being highly trained in an effort to maintain our capability to provide high quality daily services, as well as to respond effectively, efficiently and expertly to emergency scenarios.  We will be highly motivated, enthusiastic about our mission, and eager to help others.  We will strive to do the right thing as persistent, driven and dedicated members of the Town of Southampton Department of Public Safety and Emergency Management.

The interaction between the Department of Public Safety and Emergency Management and the public will always be one that emphasizes Respect, Understanding, Compassion, Patience and Trust.

Organizational Values

Honor - We will exhibit good quality of character as judged by others and respect those that came before us and strive to make the organization better for those who follow.

Duty - We are obligated to conduct ourselves in a manner in keeping with the responsibility of one’s position as a member of the Town of Southampton Department of Public Safety and Emergency Management.

Integrity - We will maintain the quality of being honest by upholding strong moral and ethical conduct at all times. The community that we serve must have a feeling of confidence in our organization. In order to trust us, they must know that we are consistently honest, fair, reliable and effective.

Discipline - Self-discipline is the foundation for managing behavior. We will hold ourselves accountable to these values. We believe in a personal commitment to the organization and the community.

Teamwork - Teamwork is the building block that drives the labor management process. We will seek out and value the input and opinions of members at all levels within the organization, as well as work with industry professionals to ensure the safety and well-being of our residents and visitors. We will work and train together as a team to cooperate in order to get the job done safely, efficiently and effectively.

Safety - Safety is our primary objective. This means that we will be prepared, we will be accountable, and we will exercise good judgment and situational awareness in our approach to all activities.

Diversity - We will recognize that the value of diversity helps us work together as a family to serve our community. We are dedicated to reflecting and respecting diversity throughout the organization.

Wellness - We will be committed to the total wellness of our colleagues. Physical, mental, spiritual, and financial wellness is essential to living a long and prosperous life. We will be observant and seek out any peer that is in need and take action to improve the well-being of that member and ultimately the well-being of the Department of Public Safety and Emergency Management. 

Humility - We will conduct ourselves as humble servants and our behavior will reflect that we do not think we are better or more important than other people.

Courage - We must possess and display mental and moral strength to face calculated risk, to move forward and persevere in withstanding danger, fear, or difficulty. We must also know our boundaries and where to draw distinction between the analysis of risk and the act of courage.

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