Town Council Office



The supervisor delegates legislative and special committee assignments among the four councilpersons, and each councilperson is responsible for overseeing the legislative, community outreach, and constituent services and departmental coordination that is associated with each assignment. Constituents regularly seek the assistance of the Town Council office to act as advocates and to help resolve problems.

About the Council

The Town Council establishes policy and determines appropriate actions in response to the needs of the Town of Southampton and its residents. These decisions are put into effect by resolution and cover the following: citizen advocacy work, legislation, general town affairs, public buildings and property, health and sanitation, business and building restrictions, protection of persons and property, traffic and highways, and numerous other duties / issues.

Legal Authority

Pursuant to Town Law §60, the four elected Town Council members, together with the Town Supervisor, constitute the Town Board. The Town Board, pursuant to Town Law §64, among other things, exercises general management and control of Town finances, authorizes the acquisition and conveyance of any Town-owned property, manages Town property, fills vacancies in Town offices and awards Town contracts.