Corwith's Auto Body

Corwith's Auto Body Named December’s “A Greener
Southampton- Green Business Spotlight” Recipient

As part of her “A Greener Southampton” initiative, Councilwoman Christine Scalera has incorporated a “Green Business Spotlight” into the program to highlight local businesses that are environmentally conscious. The first business honored by Councilwoman Scalera was a New World Home & New World Barn, and December’s honoree is Corwith’s Auto Body in Water Mill.

Corwith’s Auto Body has been family owned and operated in the Town of Southampton since 1978. They built a new facility in 1991 and have worked to be as environmentally conscientious as possible.

“In addition to all existing regulations affecting the auto body industry, we have taken proactive measures to recycle and be energy efficient,” said owner Charlie Corwith, “This includes adding specialized cardboard and metal dumpsters to our regular carting services, sending automotive fluids to a recycler and doing in-house recycling of paint thinner products.” Corwith added that virtually all the automotive parts that Corwith’s uses comes wrapped in cardboard, so there is a significant benefit to using a specialized cardboard recycling dumpster.

Furthermore, they have taken advantage of a past LIPA incentive upgrading interior lights with energy efficient lighting, and replaced their exterior lights with energy-efficient LED units. They have also recently updated one of their key mechanical components, an air compressor, with a more energy-efficient rotary screw unit.

“I am extremely proud of this program and that we are able to showcase our local businesses and their efforts to go green,” said Councilwoman Scalera, “Corwiths Auto Body is an excellent example of a business that goes above and beyond what they are required to do in the auto industry in an effort to protect the environment.”

For more information on “A Greener Southampton – Green Business Spotlight” or to submit your business for consideration email Green Business and for more information on Corwith’s Auto Body please visit their website.

Businesses that would like to be considered need to demonstrate at least one of the following criteria:

1 - Energy Efficiency
2 - Waste Reduction/Recycling
3 - Water Conservation
4 - Pollution Prevention
5 - Green Building
6 - Transportation/Commuting

*** Examples of this would be offering reusable bags, energy efficient lighting, installing bike racks so employees and customers can ride a bicycle rather than driving, etc:

The selection committee will choose a business for the “A Greener Southampton - Green Business Spotlight” on a quarterly basis to start and the selected business will be featured on the “A Greener Southampton” website, the Hamptons Visitors Council website and featured in the local press. For more information on “A Greener Southampton - Green Business Spotlight” or to submit your business for consideration please email Green Business or contact Councilwoman Scalera at 631-287-5745.